With Republicans Like These, Who Needs Democrats?

With Republicans Like These,
Who Needs Democrats?

By Scott T. Whiteman, Esq

The Covenant News ~ February 11, 2005


We Christians who believe the total claim, “Christ [g]ave a promise that the ends of the earth (Psal. ii.8) and the isles shall be his possession (Isa. xlix. 1),” (Samuel Rutherford, Lex, Rex, QXXXI) are told that the Republican Party could really use our support – that true reform in America is possible through it and it alone – and that we, who work outside the Party are working against morality in America. But then, every so often, we are given confirmation that with Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

For the first time in 134 years, the Republicans have taken complete control of State government in Georgia, but only one Republican intends to use that power to do that which his office requires. Republican House Representative Bobby Franklin is intent upon, of all things, remaining obedient to his Oath. He intends to defend and protect the unalienable right to life of unborn Georgians. Rep. Franklin also intends to fulfill his campaign promises to be “pro-life.” Rep. Franklin introduced a bill that calls for the re-criminalisation of abortion. An elected official who seriously regards his Oath and campaign pledges ought to be commended, but apparently not by Republicans.

The House Republican Leader, Jerry Keen, dismissed without concern Rep. Franklin’s intended fidelity to his Oath by stating, “Obviously that’s not the bill we’re going to be taking up.”


To do so would require that the Republican Party rule as if it intends to be pro-life. Instead, the “safe, legal and rare” Republicans are calling for more regulation of abortion in Georgia. The State Georgia, at the direction of Republicans, may begin to more greatly regulate the unlawful killing of unborn children by:

  • requiring a 24 Hour waiting period before receiving an abortion during which time the woman would be told the alternatives to abortion, and requiring physicians to inform the woman (the soon-to-be-deceased’s mother) about fetal pain and to show pictures of another fetus (not the soon-to-be-deceased) at the approximate stage of development of this fetus (the soon-to-be-deceased);
  • requiring the soon-to-be-deceased’s mother to inform the soon-to-be-deceased grandparent(s) if, but only if, the soon-to-be-deceased’s mother is a minor;
  • permitting pharmacists who oppose abortion to refrain from distributing the morning after pill. Of course, there is no prohibition on the soon-to-be-deceased’s mother from going to another pharmacist to acquire the drug that will leave the relatives of the soon-to-be-deceased mourning after he is dead;

The House and Senate leaders have pledged only to support the (grand)parental-notification bill and the 24 hour waiting period bill. How can we conclude anything other than that these men are committed to preserving abortion as a fundamental right in Georgia? The “safe, legal and rare” Republicans have bowed down at the alter of the Supreme Court and will not contest the validity of Roe v. Wade. Keen has admitted his consent to abortion by stating, “Even if I don’t always agree with the Supreme Court, they are the highest authority, and we have to respect that.”

How does a pro-lifer respect the notion that an unborn child, innocent of any worldly charge, can be terminated at any point provided that the mother who has contracted with another person to kill the child within her either has the grandparent’s of the infant’s consent or is of “legal age” and has had 24 hours to think about whether she really, really wants to kill this kid?

The truth is, no pro-lifer can respect that, and no pro-lifer can respect Roe v. Wade.

No pro-lifer can respect the notion that regulating the number of abortions is better than prohibiting abortion.

No pro-lifer can respect any politician, be he Republican, Democrat or other, who will permit the continued murder of children to go unpunished.

No pro-lifer can respect a President, be he Republican, Democrat or other, who authorises taxpayer-funding of abortion and increases it to a record-high $288,283,000, despite campaign rhetoric that no taxpayer-funds would be used for abortions.

No pro-lifer can respect any “pro-life” organisation that supports elected officials, be he Republican, Democrat or other, who are not wholly committed to the re-criminalisation of abortion.

In response to this opposition from the Republican Party, Rep. Franklin stated, “Some people go along with the majority because they are afraid of not being re-elected. I am not afraid. We just have to do what’s right.”

A pro-lifer can respect that.

Scott T. Whiteman a Reformed Christian, husband, and father of three. He is a practicing attorney in the State of Maryland and served as Campaign Manager for Michael A. Peroutka as he ran for President in 2004.

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