We’re All We’ve Got – Let’s Make The Most Of It

We’re All We’ve Got
Let’s Make The Most of It

By Bob Strodtbeck

The Covenant News ~ May 4, 2006

We are all we’ve got left.

When you look at the harsh realities of America’s major institutions that influence government and the economy one must come to the harsh reality that America’s tax paying citizens are being left to fend for themselves.

Consider, for a moment, the American political system. Supposedly it is made up of two competing groups; the Republicans and Democrats. The mainstream voter believes that the two parties are scrutinized and held in check by a free press (although most voters believe that the press unfairly represents one of the two parties they support).

What has been avoiding scrutiny, however, is the fact that election campaigning has become a very lucrative and continual industry. In 2006 Republicans and Democrats spent more than $2 billion on the congressional mid-term campaigns and the 2008 presidential campaign started almost immediately after the mid-term ballots were counted. Interestingly the bulk of campaign dollars were spent with the very same media outlets for which news reporters work. Is it possible that those reporters profit from the campaign revenues their employers charge Democrat and Republican candidates? Do the owners of media outlets profit from political advertising revenues? When a media company faces a decision to broadcast the truth or assure that it maintains profitability, is it unreasonable to think that the company will consider truth to be a hindrance to capitalistic gain? Isn’t profit from the free enterprise system the most important truth to preserve as the foundation of our freedom?

The profit motive, after all, is what made this country great.

Before we think that the election campaign industry is a tidy little enterprise between Republicans, Democrats, and the press, it is worthwhile to ponder the source of campaign revenues that are spent with the media. They generally come from the “soft money” corporate contributions that are shoveled into the party in the hundreds of thousands. These same corporate contributors also buy the media ads that keep broadcast outlets in business. Simply put, the three estates of government and the fourth estate of the press are wrapped up in a tidy little package by global capitalists that are continually on the prowl for ever cheaper labor markets to help them grow their profits.

The Global corporate elite and America’s political system no longer see any value in common working Americans. Our expectations that our efforts be valued to the point that they will support our families are anathema to global corporations that once made our land their home. The politicians who buy our votes with the skimmed profits from those corporations will not sacrifice their comfort to serve and protect their oaths of office or the future of the country.

Corporate executives and political celebrities value their wealth, power and status, but they do not value us. They don’t value our families, homes, communities, or even the greatness or opportunities that once defined America. If they did they would not be devoting so much wealth and energy to leave us in the search for new wealth, power, and status in other countries. If our elected representatives had the slightest regard for our American heritage they would not be allowing the destruction of our industry, economy, culture, or identity.

The only ones who care about us is us. Fortunately, though, America was built to be the envy of the world without needing international corporate executives selling us out to find slaves in destitute hell holes. Neither did politicians on the take did raise us up to be admired by the world as a “shining city on a hill”.

We did it—the common working people who only wanted to provide for our own. We are being left behind by those so blessed to have been raptured to the paradise of global wealth and power.

We did it before.

When and where are we going to start the process of doing it again?

Bob Strodtbeck has been writing commentaries for a news weekly circulated in a community 10 miles north of Orlando, since 1993. He currently lives in Orlando. He may be reached for comment here.

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