The Mexican Connection

The Mexican Connection
strong in the Bush Dynasty

By Al Cronkrite

The Covenant News ~ November 12, 2004

The Bush family has a “thing” for the Spanish section of the diversity wheel.

Newly appointed Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, is an old pal from Texas. There was lots of speculation that he might be appointed to the Supreme Court. In politics, loyalty, even the perverse variety, is everything and Gonzales has been a loyal follower of George W. Bush.

The President is palsy-walsy with wily Mexican President Vicente Fox and seeks to offer citizenship to millions of Mexican aliens. His brother, the Governor of Florida, has a Hispanic wife and their son, George Prescott Bush, a rising political icon, prior to the election gallivanted around Mexico seeking the votes of over a million American citizens who live there.

It appears unlikely that Alberto Gonzales will be forceful in stemming the tide of illegals crossing our southwestern border. Mexico has passed laws allowing dual citizens to continue to vote in Mexico while living in United States and a concerted effort is being made to allow immigrants from Mexico to pursue Mexican interests in American elections. An Attorney General with Mexican roots hardly seems to address that problem.

Gonzales presents other concerns as well. Mercy does not appear to be a part of his persona. His judicial opinions were partially responsible for carrying out some 150 executions during the Bush Administration in Texas. This appears to be some sort of record.

There is also the matter of treatment of prisoners involved with the War in Iraq. On January 25, 2002 Alberto Gonzales drafted a memo to the President recommending that armed combatants not be granted prisoner of war status. One of his reasons for this stand is the danger of being brought before the new International Court. Some of the vague language in the memo appears to seek freedom from legal restraint in the treatment of prisoners which might clear the way for torture.

To make matters worse, Alberto Gonzales while a judge in Texas voted against parental notification and is reported to believe our Constitution is a “living document”.

Republicans have a dismal record in supporting Christian initiatives and this appointment appears to add to the decline. When party loyalty trumps righteous appointments government and the citizens who live under it suffer.

The American legal system is in such disarray that righteous decisions are the exception rather than the rule. Not understanding that the definition of righteousness is obedience to God’s Laws, many Christians seek to live under a secular law. They tout the separation of church and state and admire diversity.

If President Bush is a Christian he appears to lack maturity. His pragmatic appointments have included pro-abortion Republicans, homosexuals, Jews and other pagans of various varieties. He failed to support Judge Roy Moore, and does not appear to be willing to fight for mature Christian judges. It also appears that party loyalty does come before principle. It did in the case of Arlen Spector and may have again with Alberto Gonzales.

While working with Bush in Texas, Alberto Gonzales was criticized for recommending the execution of a retarded man. Christian magistrates are enjoined to dispense justice with mercy. Righteousness cannot be a respecter of persons; it is the act itself that needs to be judged. Though they might warrant mercy, insanity and mental retardation are not necessarily excuses for leniency.

God judges both nations and the individuals that inhabit them. American Christians need to understand that accepting the evil of secularism in the name of tolerance might seem benevolent but it is an abomination to our jealous God who seeks a Christian nation.

Many Christian leaders are too quick to endorse prayer and profession and too slow to judge the fruit. President Bush’s record is dismal and gives no promise of getting better.

I have advised the many Bush supporters that surround me to check with me again in a year and see who is most proud of their vote.

Don’t blame me, I voted for Peroutka!

Al Cronkrite is a free-lance writer from Florida.
He can be reached at

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