The Blood Is On Our Hands

The Blood Is On Our Hands

By Michael Goza

The Covenant News ~ May 30, 2006

I’ve yet to receive an answer that I find sufficient defending the outcome of the vote in Tampa, Florida at the Constitution Party National Convention. The explanations I have received to date indicate an allegiance to something other than prinicple.

Allegiance to political parties instead of Almighty God is what has led us into the tyranny and moral decay we find in our nation today.

The Constitution Party (CP) is guilty of that which we have previously accused the Republican Party. They have sacrificed that which is righteous upon the alter of party loyalty and it will be to their demise that they have chosen this path. Until now the CP was faithful to it’s platform and therefore found worthy of support by Christians.

Many claim faith is an individual matter and that is where our responsibility as Christians should end. I would like to attempt to explain why this thinking is faulty.

First, God is the ultimate source of all justice.

The Bible teaches that all kings and kingdoms fall under God’s rule and must answer to His absolute authority. As absolute authority over every kingdom God expects earthly kingdoms to follow His standards.

Every nation in history that has deviated from His standards has been judged harshly. Ours will be no different. Anyone with eyes to see realize we are now receiving His judgment and this judgment will only increase in magnitude unless there is national repentance.

Many believe that we should support anyone who wants a return to Constitutional government and that personal convictions on other issues should be considered separate from politics.

I vehemently disagree with this thinking. There is no separation of politics and faith. We as Christians are accountable for our actions in the political realm. The judgment of God begins in the house of God. It is Christians who will be the first to pay the price for the compromise of God’s Word. Supporting a candidate because he wants a return to Constitutional government but yet looks the other way on issues of homosexuality, abortion, etc. is not being found faithful. Do we dare suggest that God would approve of our support of such a candidate?

Does God’s heart cry out for the helpless and defenseless children who are slaughtered daily with no civil structure to protect them? Does He still view these violations as evil? Absolutely! God’s Word applies to our nation and thus His civil expectations apply to us. He still expects nations to abide by His justice and promises judgment to all kings and kingdoms that do not bow down before Him.

My first commentary that some were gracious enough to publish was called “Our Civil Duty.” In this I touched on how Judah faced destruction for failing to follow God’s expectations. The people of Judah had refused to hold their leaders accountable to God’s standards. Those that remained silent as innocent babies were sacrificed in their day had the blood of innocent children on their hands and thus God refused to hear their prayers.

Our nation today is no different. The blight of abortion still plagues our land. Should we expect anything different? Those “doctors” who murder our unborn have blood on their hands. Our legislators and judges who do not oppose this practice have blood on their hands. Those of us who elect such leaders and remain silent in the face of this ongoing slaughter, have blood on our hands. And those of us within the CP that choose to remain in covenant with those who would allow the death of even one innocent child under any circumstances, have that childs blood on our hands. How then can we expect God to hear our prayers?

Our nation will fall and it will be because we have not been found faithful.

May God have mercy upon us.

When I called, they would not listen; so when they called, I would not listen.” says the Lord Almighty. Zech. 7:13

Michael Goza is Vice-Chairman of The Constitution Party of Tennessee.

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