South Dakota Referendum – South Dakota Abortion Referendum Strategy Was Off Issue

S.D. Abortion Strategy Was Off Issue
How to focus the abortion debate

By Jim Rudd

The Covenant News ~ November 10, 2006

As long as the pro-life focus is on “abortion hurts women” pro-life activists will consistently lose the public debate to pass legislation to outlaw abortion.

To be successful, in the public eye, the debate must center on why the passage of such legislation is needed to outlaw a cruel and horrific crime. The strategy must highlight the criminality of killing babies by abortion with a primary focus on the carnality of abortion, which is the crime the legislation is attempting to outlaw — and why the good citizens want it outlawed in the first place.

The conclusive evidence of the murdered bodies of aborted babies is on our side. Which means, it establishes the need for such legislation beyond any reasonable doubt. This is why the 2006 South Dakota Abortion Referendum strategy failed. It failed to shut down further debate beyond the “conclusive evidence” because the focus was on “abortion hurts women” and not on the murdered bodies of aborted babies.

Furthermore, the “abortion hurts women” strategy does not pass the “conclusive evidence” test in the public eye. Sure, the pro-life side can produce post-aborted mothers giving testimony that abortion hurt them. But likewise also the pro-aborts can produce post-aborted mothers saying that abortion was the best thing that ever happened to them. So there will never be “conclusive evidence” on “abortion hurts women” that will shut down public debate. The debate will just go on and on.

When we force the abortion people to publicly argue against the butchered bodies of aborted babies we win that argument every time because they can not produce evidence to the contrary. They can not show the world a picture of a baby with his head cut off by abortion and convince the public it was a self-inflected wound or suicide. That would be stupid. They simply can not defend their actions.

The pro-aborts should be made so ashamed of their homicidal butchery that they refuse to show their faces in public, much less make comments to the press.

It is also unethical to NOT clearly articulate to the public the purpose of the legislation when attempting to pass such referendums. The end result of the legislation is to see this bloodshed outlawed, to have the baby murderers hunted down like the mad dogs they are, arrested, prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.

The South Dakota Abortion Referendum strategy failed because the people running the political campaign adopted a strategy that was off issue. For some unexplained reason they decided not to convince the public that abortion is murder.


Jim Rudd
The Covenant News

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