Sarah Palin Another Stooge

Sarah Palin Another Stooge

By Al Cronkrite

The Covenant News ~ December 12, 2009

On December 1st, Paul Craig Roberts wrote the following paragraphs:

“In less than one year, President Obama has betrayed all of his supporters and broken all of his promises. He is the total captive of the oligarchy of the ruling interest groups. Unless he is saved by an orchestrated 9/11-type event, Obama is a one-term president. Indeed, the collapsing economy will doom him regardless of a ‘terrorist event.’”

“The Republicans are grooming Palin. Our first female president, following our first black president, will complete the transition to an American police state by arresting critics and protesters of Washington’s immoral foreign and domestic policies, and she will complete the destruction of America’s reputation abroad.”

Sarah Palin and her family are plagued with common domestic problems; she is attractive, articulate, self controlled and resolute. The domestic problems identify her with “common folk” and the personal attributes sustain her on the political stage. The media is in the process of creating wide spread sympathy for Sarah Palin by taunting her unmercifully. Media cooperation, sympathy, hatred for President Obama, and the votes of millions of Evangelical Christians could boost this determined neophyte into the Oval Office.

Hoosier icon and journalism insider, Dan Thomasson, after hearing her speak before critics at the Washington Gridiron Club wrote “…she came to town the other night and proved once again what has been undeniable for some time: She has more political sex appeal than anyone on the scene with the exception of Barack Obama”.

The grooming process involves mysterious financial support that provides talented writers, swift publication of her book, airplanes, and news coverage. Acceptance of these enabling gifts indicates a willingness to comply with the requests of the enablers. The strings that control Sarah Palin would be just as effective as the strings that controlled George W. Bush, Barak Obama, and several previous Presidents.

The sudden stroke of good luck that strikes selected presidential candidates must come as a welcome surprise – all of a sudden doors that remain closed to others are flung open and you are beckoned in.

Momentum to drive her anticipated elevation may come from the enervating image of Barak Obama who was in turn elected by the unpopular actions of George W. Bush.

United States political candidates are helped by a pleasing appearance, cogent prolixity, flexibility, and a compliant disposition. Campaign promises are meaningless. Because they are beholden to forces higher than themselves United States presidents regularly break their oaths and vows. Their behavior is choreographed by hidden oligarchs who are malevolent in their requirements for conformity.

The behavior and violent deaths of the Kennedy brothers set an example for the future of defiance. On the Rockwell page Edward Curtin reviewed a new book by James Douglass, “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters” (Orbis Books, 2008). Curtin believes the Douglass book is “one of the best books ever written on the Kennedy assassination”. Douglas maintains Kennedy was killed because he defied the warmongering of the military industrial complex and stubbornly pursued peace. War is an instrument used by the power structure to disrupt the social order, transfer wealth, and shield the progress of tyranny.

Successful evil is always heavily flavored with righteousness. Palin is seen as an Evangelical Christian who attends church, seeks the prayers of its members, opts to give birth to a retarded child and is solicitous of the father of her illegitimate grandchild. In our theologically starved Christian milieu those characteristics are sufficient evidence of Christian wisdom. With a sincere belief that conversion qualifies a person for leadership, Christian associations of any kind are bonanzas for millions of starved American congregants.

Our family is planning a trip over the Christmas holiday and as we prepare for the personal intrusion of the airport TSA personal I find my attitude is calmer than it was the last time we flew. Gradualism allows humans to become quietly compliant.

If a 1920s Christian was suddenly thrust into our contemporary society the shock would be devastating. Though WWI had debased the moral fiber of the nation (all wars do that) and women had begun to flaunt themselves there was a steady willingness to acknowledge immorality. Businesses were closed on Sunday. There was no income tax. There was no department of children and families. Policemen were generally feared by gangsters and respected by citizens. Mothers kept house and had children while fathers earned a living. Schools taught reading, writing, and arithmetic and were established and controlled in neighborhoods. Hunting and fishing did not require a license. There were no traffic jams. Homosexuals and other sexual deviants were scorned but tolerated. Pregnancy out of wedlock was disgraceful and illegitimate children were usually adopted. Some women worked, some women voted, some women were feminists but leadership in government, business, and academia was predominantly male. Prohibition created a scenario similar to the Drug War but the nation was smaller, less needless laws were being enforced and our jails were not bursting at the seams. (Four hundred and thirty-five supercilious congresspersons, many of dubious integrity, going on junkets, wasting time on investigations and entangling the nation with new laws is a serious problem by itself – but that is another subject.)

The 1920s was far different than the Twenty First Century. Social debasement has come slowly. Two centuries ago St. Paul’s Biblical opinion on women was respected and women were not set into leadership positions over men. Biblical moral standards are interconnected when one standard is violated other standards are effected. First Suffrage and then Feminism tore at the fabric of the family. The family is the basic Biblical governmental unit and the prime foundational structure for the entire creation.

Like the intrusion of the TSA at our airports we have become inured to the devastating results of feminism. As Sarah Palin is groomed for the Presidency, the Biblical wisdom of keeping women in the home is being defied. She and her supporters are thumbing their nose at the Creator in the name of Christianity. The disaster of Dispensationalism has robbed God’s people of righteousness by abolishing His criterion for behavior through obedience to His Law. When Christians live without reference to God’s Law sinful conciliations abound.

Two party politics in the United States is a pragmatic game that involves constant compromise. Since compromise is death to God’s legal standards it is difficult to find a righteous politician. Palin is a politician. Not only has she exalted herself into contention for the Presidency but she has breached the proper standards of the religion she professes. That she is being touted as a viable candidate reflects a low esteem for the office itself.

The promotion of Sarah Palin is following a propaganda pattern set up by the media. A Black hero is followed by a Female hero who is succeeded by a bumbling White man. I am not sure what is meant by the term “political sex appeal” but Palin appears to be a pseudo-Christian woman who is falling into the politically correct role of stooge for those who rule America.

Wisdom, discernment and a firm grasp of the need for obedience to God’s Law are indispensible requirements for leaders.

Al Cronkrite is a free-lance writer from Florida.
He can be reached at

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