Ron Paul for U.S. President – 2008

Ron Paul for U.S. President – 2008

By Rev. Joel Garrett

The Covenant News ~ October 24, 2007

This election, I’m supporting U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) for President of the U.S.A. He served in the U.S. Military. He has a 100% conservative voting record and is considered to be the MOST conservative member of the U.S. Congress today by virtually every conservative or liberal lobbying group in the country.

He’s the only Republican Presidential Candidate that has consistently done virtually everything in his power as a Congressman to protect our Second Amendment right to “bear arms”. He is beloved by gun owners around the U.S.A. He’s for putting an end to ALL FEDERAL gun laws.

He’s 100% pro-life/anti-abortion. As an Ob. Gyn., he’s personally delivered 4,000 babies. As a Congressman, he’s continuously worked to reverse Roe v. Wade – the unconstitutional Supreme Court decision that led to the illegal legalization of abortion across America.

He’s for immediately taking our troops out of Iraq for the following reasons:

1. Congress has never declared war on Iraq. The War Powers Act that Congress passed into law in 1973 states that the President has the right to send troops into various conflicts. However, if the Congress doesn’t declare war within 90 days, the President is required to immediately bring the troops home to U.S. soil. Therefore, many argue, President Bush is in direct violation of the law by keeping the troops in Iraq.

2. Our nation is in dire financial straits and the war is costing us billions every month – putting us under greater threat of financial peril. We should take the billions spent in Iraq and put it toward “paying down the debt”, and reversing our deficit as a nation.

3. Iraq never attacked us. It’s called a “pre-emptive strike” when we invade another sovereign nation that never attacked us. This has raised the ire of most world opinion against the U.S.A. While we don’t make our decisions based upon “world opinion”, most of the world sees the U.S. now as a nation that has taken on the role as “policeman of the world.” They resent it – just like our Founding Fathers would resent it and oppose it, if they were alive today.

4. We should put the money being spent in Iraq toward dealing with the greatest security issue of our day: sealing and defending our borders (with, among other things, a wall), our ports, our military installations, our electricity power grid, etc.

5. The war in Iraq is draining and demoralizing our military. Our military is being worn thin. Our enemies must be joyous to watch us grow militarily and financially weaker by the day, due to our prolonged stay in the Middle East.

He’s also for eliminating the following:

1. Federal Department of Education – He would leave education up to the States.

2. Federal Reserve – This Central Bank is neither “federal” nor a “reserve.” It is enriching the national and international banks, while we pay higher prices every year. He would abolish this institution once and for all. Many argue that this institution is the biggest scam pulled over the eyes of the American people, and the main cause of inflation in the U. S. economy.

3. CIA – A secretive organization that’s allegedly been controlled by elitists and occultists for decades – without much Congressional oversight. Shouldn’t intelligence be strictly a military issue any way?!

4. Medicare – Taking care of the people who are currently depending upon it, while working to end the program altogether.

5. Medicaid – Taking care of the people who are currently depending upon it, while working to end the program altogether.

6. Social Security – Those who’ve paid into it over the years will get their money, but the new generation (and anyone who so desires) can opt out of the system – leave it altogether – with the goal of shutting down the program for good.

7. Overseas Military Bases – He’s for closing down most, if not all, of our 750 overseas military bases that are draining us financially. Our Founding Fathers warned of the danger of “foreign entanglements.” Japan, Europe and South Korea are wealthy enough to defend themselves militarily.

8. Patriot Act – He introduced legislation to overturn this unconstitutional legislation that greatly diminished our civil liberties that our Founding Fathers so greatly valued.

9. Federal Income Tax – Americans are overtaxed and the U.S. Government is an out-of-control “beast” with an ever-expanding appetite for the taxpayers’ hard-earned money. He will work to abolish the 16th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which many argue, was adopted to the U.S. Constitution illegally. Etc., Etc., Etc.

Congressman Paul is also for the U.S.A. pulling OUT of the United Nations. He’s for pulling the U.S.A. out of “world government” organizations/agreements like the International Criminal Court (ICC), NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and CAFTA, which are a threat to our independence as a nation. They transfer power from our government to unelected foreign elites.

NO OTHER REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE matches his record or agrees with most of his agenda. They simply don’t have the conviction or the courage to do so.

Isn’t it time for patriots, conservatives and Christians to actively support and vote for the candidate they agree with the most? Why should we support another candidate, just because the MEDIA claims that candidate has a “better chance”of winning.

Ron Paul is the Republican candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton, because he’s the one most opposite to her on virtually every issue. He’s a proven, Constitutional conservative with a strong Christian faith.

Check out Ron Paul’s web site:
U.S. Representative Ron Paul for President!

Joel Garrett served as Special Assistant to former U.S. Representative Steve Stockman (R-TX) on Capitol Hill. Joel is an activist, fundraiser, preacher and writer who resides in Ashland, Virginia with his wife Jenny and their two children Jane and Josiah. They just returned from an extensive missions trip to Nepal.

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