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What’s Wrong With the Pro-Life Movement
By Bob Strodtbeck
Pro-life support for Mr. Bush is creating more threats to the structure of constitutional government than even Roe v. Wade!

Homosexual Heresies
By Rusty Lee Thomas
The Bible, contrary to popular culture, establishes crucial distinctions between that which is evil and that which is good and that which is true and that which is false. Most churches, even conservative Evangelical churches, refuse to highlight those Biblical distinctions today. The trend is unity at all cost. Truth can be sacrificed for the “greater good” of getting along to go along. It has the appearance of God’s love externally, but inwardly it allows a wolf in sheep’s clothing to devour the souls of men.

The Gauntlet is Thrown
The Church Must Oppose the Sin of Women at War

Vision Forum Ministries
Vision Forum Ministries presents a forum of scholars, theologians, and journalists in opposition to the idea that a free people can survive while sending mothers and daughters to war.

The Constitutional Commandments
By Gary DeMar
Few people are aware that there is a huge display of the Ten Commandments hanging in the State Supreme Court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It’s been there since 1927. There are also two very large murals of Jesus, one with extensive quotations from the New Testament. In addition, there is a mural quoting the following from English jurist William Blackstone: “This Law of Nature dictated by God Himself is superior to any other. It is binding over all the globe, in all countries and at all times. No human laws are of any validity if contrary to this, and such of them as are valid derive all their force and all their authority mediately or immediately from this original. Upon these two foundations the Law of Nature and the Law of Revelation depend all human Law. . . . Human laws are only declaratory of and act in subordination to Divine Law.”

Would Thomas Jefferson Display the Ten Commandments?
Part 1 and 2

By David W. New, Esq. / The Covenant News
This article will briefly present the case for why Thomas Jefferson would allow the display of the Ten Commandments on public property. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that Jefferson would support the display of religious text on public property and other activities involving religion in a government setting. Let’s consider the evidence.

Partial-Birth Abortion Legislation Is NOT Pro-Life
By Jim Rudd / The Covenant News
No where in God’s precepts, statutes, or commandments does it suggest that it is all right to limit the use of one particular method of murder while murderers continue to use other means of killing, and the rights of the innocent victims are totally ignored.

Selling Homosexuality To America (PDF)
By Paul E. Rondeau / Regent University Law Review
Among America’s culture wars, one of today’s most intense controversies rages around the issue alternatively identified, depending on one’s point of view, as “normalizing homosexuality” or “accepting gayness.”

The Foolishness of Preaching
By Bruce Evan Murch / Full Quiver Mission
Preaching is a specific function that God uses to warn sinners of His impending judgment and it’s results, and to offer the gift of salvation through repentance and belief in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross.

Hatred for God’s Enemies
By Andrew Sandlin / Chalcedon
The idea of a Christian’s hating not only wickedness but wicked people is largely incompatible with the religious sentimentalism pervasive in modern Western Christianity.

Despising Our Inheritance
By Paul deParrie
Many a Christian has noted that it is obvious that one of the main reasons why there is so much violence in our society is because we have accepted the shedding of the innocent blood of our children in abortion. We are amazed that the society around us is utterly blind to the connection. Maybe it is the blood in their eyes.

What Does the Bible Say About Gun Control?
By Larry Pratt / Gun Owners of America
The underlying argument for gun control seems to be that the availability of guns causes crime. By extension, the availability of any weapon would have to be viewed as a cause of crime. What does the Bible say about such a view?

Proving What Is Acceptable
By Jim Rudd
A church that hates people will show the world how to live without the knowledge of the judgment of God.

Ending “Legal” Abortion
By Herbert W. Titus, J.D. / Conservative Caucus
The pro-life forces have unwittingly adopted strategies that reinforce the President’s rhetoric and undermine their own.

The Sanctity of Life Versus the Sanctity of Law
By Andrew Sandlin /
Christians who support the pro-life position must recognize that in giving the unregenerate individual the opportunity to adjudicate on the issue of abortion on the basis of natural law, they are compromising the message of Scripture which depicts the unconverted as spiritually dead and unable to so adjudicate. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Litmus Test
Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect.

Murder Demands Justice, Not Regulations
By Jim Rudd
An interesting parallel between federal officials and Christians developed after the high school murders in Colorado.

Planned Parenthood’s Money Sources
STOPP – A division of American Life League, Inc.
Summary and analysis of Planned Parenthood’s operation in the United States.

“Pro-life Prophet”
By Steve Wetzel / MTTU News
It takes a special animal to stand in front of an abortion mill and offer hope to girls who have already made up their minds to offer their babies to demons (Ps.106:37-38).

It’s the End of the Church as We Know It
By Doug Newman
Future generations will look back on December 12, 2002 as a bleak day in the history of Christianity in America. On this day, President Bush signed an executive order allowing churches and other religious organizations to compete for federal funds for charitable purposes.

Reclaiming Moral Stewardship
Before God’s Pastors can establish and protect holy matrimony, the Church in America must first repent.

Roe v Wade vs. The Marriage Covenant
By Jim Rudd
In 1973 the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, in effect, destroyed not only the Christian definition of “life,” but, also the Christian definition of what, in fact, constitutes a “nuclear family.”

The Bible Regards Abortion as Murder
By Jim Rudd
What the Bible says are the responsibilities of civil authorities in upholding justice is a point being missed by some people in the pro-life movement in particular and by the public in general.

On the Right to Rebel Against Governors
Samuel West / Gospel Plow
A Sermon Preached before the Honourable Council, and the Honourable House of Representatives of the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay,… May 29th, 1776.

Uncompromising Voice
By Drew Heiss
Too many people want to be forgiven of their sins without actually turning from their wickedness

Why I Will Waste No More Votes On The GOP
By Daniel New / Gun Owners of America
I exhort my friends to work for the election of candidates of principles, who will work toward a return to Constitutional rule of Law, and who will quickly begin to untangle the globalist chains which are deliberately destroying our national sovereignty.

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