Planned Parenthood ‘applauds’ Right to Life

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February 24, 2004

Planned Parenthood ‘applauds’ Right to Life

S.D. Abortion Ban Opposed by “Foes” of Abortion
A legislative proposal to virtually ban abortion in South Dakota ran into an unlikely obstacle over the weekend: the South Dakota Right to Life movement. Sen. Jay Duenwald, R-Hoven, a so called “longtime opponent of legal abortion,” was among legislators who maneuvered Saturday to remove the ban and substitute the more incremental step of a tightened informed-consent requirement. Opponents, led by Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and South Dakota, applauded elimination of the proposed ban. The original bill, written by Rep. Matt McCaulley, R-Sioux Falls, with help from the Thomas More Law Center in Ann Arbor, Mich., would make it a felony for anyone to perform an abortion in South Dakota except to save the life of the mother.

S.D. Criminal Abortion Bill Could Return
PIERRE, S.D. – The original language of a bill attempting to outlaw nearly all abortions in South Dakota will be back in some form, according to state Rep. Matt McCaulley, R-Sioux Falls. On Saturday, the Senate State Affairs Committee voted 5-4 to reject McCauley’s bill – which already had passed the House 54-15. The full Senate will consider the issue Tuesday. Some in South Dakota’s anti-abortion movement said that if South Dakota lost a final court decision, the result would be just another piece of case law to support the 1973 decision – and at South Dakota’s expense. But Charles Rice, a law professor at Notre Dame, said in a letter that nothing in U.S. Supreme Court decisions “conclusively forbids South Dakota (or all other states) to define and protect the rights of the unborn child beyond the extent to which those rights are recognized and protected under the United States Constitution. HB1191, therefore, cannot be dismissed as a futile exercise.”

Court Cancels Roe V. Wade Consideration
SAN ANTONIO – Oral arguments on a motion to reconsider the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion 31 years ago have been canceled by a federal appeals court, which will now only review written pleadings in the case. Monday’s move represented an about-face by justices on giving Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade fame a chance to argue before the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that her landmark abortion case should be reopened and reversed.

University of Michigan Seeks to Block Request for Records
DETROIT – The University of Michigan asked a judge Monday to block a federal request for records from the school’s hospital as part of litigation over a federal law that would ban certain late-term abortions. Doctors at the university and elsewhere have joined a legal challenge to the law, and a judge has blocked the statute from taking effect until he considers the case. President Bush signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act into law last year. The Justice Department insists it does not want information that would identify patients, only general information on late-term abortions that were performed by the doctors who are challenging the law.

Dictionary.Law.Com — (subpoena): (suh-pea-nah) n. an order of the court for a witness to appear at a particular time and place to testify and/or produce documents in the control of the witness (if a “subpena duces tecum”). A subpena is used to obtain testimony from a witness at both depositions (testimony under oath taken outside of court) and at trial. Subpenas are usually issued automatically by the court clerk but must be served personally on the party being summoned. Failure to appear as required by the subpena can be punished as contempt of court if it appears the absence was intentional or without cause.

Charlotte Council Cracks Down On Protesters,
Chills First Amendment freedom of speach rights

The Charlotte City Council voted unanimously to send the issue to its public safety committee. The proposed ordinance would add new restrictions, such as required permits for large protests and prohibitions on picketing outside schools in session and targeting of individual homes. For example, more than 25 people planning to protest on a sidewalk must apply for a permit at least four days beforehand. Violations would be a misdemeanor. Sheryl Chandler, who protests at abortion clinics, said the ordinance targeted her and other similar groups. “The First Amendment requires no permit. It requires no permission from a police officer,” she said. “The founding fathers answered this question over 200 years ago.”

Killing off the Yankee race
New Hampshire House Supports Public Funded Abortions
CONCORD, N.H. — The House voted 2-1 against prohibiting publicly funded abortions. Thursday’s 217-109 vote killed a bill that would have prohibited public funds, employees and facilities from being used to provide or assist in an abortion. Supporters argued the constitutional right to an abortion does not mean taxpayers should subsidize the procedure. They said the bill would not interfere in the woman’s right to seek an abortion from a private provider.

Lawmaker Wants ‘Morning After’ Pill Sold With No Rx
SPRINGFIELD — Arguing that women need fast access to the ”morning after” pill to help prevent pregnancy, a Chicago lawmaker is pushing legislation that would let pharmacists sell the drug without a prescription.

Senate Approves Waiting Period
for Women Wanting Abortions

Arizona Senate approved a proposal to impose a 24-hour waiting period for women who want the procedure. The bill now moves to the House. Gov. Janet Napolitano has all but promised a veto. (Read: Christians Murdering Babies)

House Panel Endorses Bill to Regulate the Murder
of Children at State Licensed Abortion Clinics

TOPEKA, Kan. – A House committee endorsed a bill Monday to set minimum health and safety standards for abortion clinics, moving abortion opponents closer to a confrontation with Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. The governorette contends that health professionals are more qualified than legislators to set standards for clinics.

Infant’s Death is Ruled a Homicide
Kylee Kros was brought to the hospital with bruises coloring both ears, the bridge of her nose and the sides of her buttocks. She’d only been alive two months and one day, but doctors believed Kylee had been hurt before. Old bruises on her left shoulder and right cheek were still visible, said an Omaha police report. Kylee’s parents, Denise Kros and Michael Vasquez, had recently moved from Omaha to Woodbine, Iowa, Henderson said. Kylee was in their custody.

Ex-Sailor Gets Life Sentence in Daughter’s Murder
A Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base sailor court-martialed for murdering his infant daughter has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Petty Officer 3rd Class Charles Swanson was convicted of non-premeditated or intentional murder and assault Friday during a general court martial at Jacksonville Naval Air Station. Jurors found he suffocated 7-week-old Alaycia Swanson at the Georgia submarine base in 2002.

Terri Schiavo’s Husband Tries to Stop Witnesses’ Testimony
CLEARWATER — An attorney for Bush alerted the court Monday that he will make a second attempt to take depositions from seven witnesses, including Terri Schiavo’s husband, Michael, and the woman with whom he now lives. Michael Schiavo’s attorney, George Felos, said he will again ask a judge to block the depositions, despite a 2nd District Court of Appeal ruling against him earlier this month that said they could be conducted.

Cord Blood Shown To Repair Cells
[Because some researchers are allowed to murder human beings] the use of human embryonic stem cells for disease treatment remains “controversial,” [but] researchers at Duke University Medical Center are discovering that a “less problematic” type of stem cell, from umbilical cord blood, shows some of the same promise for repairing diseased tissue.

Jury Selection Starts for Terry Nichols Trial
Hundreds of potential jurors were sworn in Monday in Oklahoma for the state trial of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols. The judge presiding over the trial told them the trial could be long and create personal hardships for them. But Judge Steven Taylor also told them they were carrying out an “important citizen service.” Jury selection is expected to last two weeks. About 400 prospective jurors have been sworn in.

Nichols Conspiracy Evidence May Be OK’d
McALESTER, Okla. – An Oklahoma judge has left the door open for bombing conspirator Terry Nichols to present evidence of a wider conspiracy in the Oklahoma City bombing. But District Judge Steven Taylor said Monday that before a jury hears the evidence, Nichols must prove that additional conspirators committed specific, overt acts to plan and carry out the bombing.

Oklahoma Continues Its Epic Battle to Execute Nichols
McALESTER, Okla. – The bombing that killed 168 people in the Oklahoma City federal building may seem like ancient history to many but not to those touched by the blast – or to state prosecutors who want to put Terry Nichols to death for the crime. Nearly nine years after the bombing, orientation for prospective jurors began yesterday in a state murder trial for Nichols, 48, who is already serving a life prison sentence without chance of parole on a federal conviction.

Terry Nichols ‘tried twice’
Convicted Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols has apparently taken to the Internet to argue against being put on trial a second time for a 1995 blast that killed 168 people. In a letter purportedly signed by Nichols and posted on a Web site promoting his brother’s book, Nichols quotes the Bible and the U.S. Constitution to argue that Oklahoma state murder charges against him violate the Bill of Rights.

Amendment V
“…nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb…”

Supreme Court dismisses Bill Of Rights
so Oklahoma can try Terry Nichols too

American citizens are Constitutionally protected from double jeopardy – being tried twice for the same crime. Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols is no exception. Without comment or dissent, the Supreme Court upheld the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Repeals ruling that Nichols can be tried in state court, even though he already has faced federal charges. Should a state court find him guilty for killing the other 160 who died in the blast, Nichols could face the death penalty, which would overrule his current sentence.

Peterson Defense Loses Bid to Put Judge on Stand
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Scott Peterson’s defense lawyers lost a bid Monday to put a judge on the stand to testify about his decision to let investigators tap Peterson’s phones. Judge Alfred A. Delucchi said it would be “contrary to public policy” to force his colleague, Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Wray Ladine, to testify.

Baby Remains in Critical Condition
FRAMINGHAM — A 2-month-old baby whose father is accused of shaking him so hard that he suffered broken ribs and brain damage remained in critical condition yesterday at a Boston hospital. William Christian, 21, is charged with injuring his son Thursday after police said he admitted shaking the baby, also named William Christian. He pleaded innocent and is being held on $50,000 cash bail.

Father Charged In Baby’s Beating
Albany — Justin Terrell is accused of breaking bones of 6- week-old son. A 19-year-old Rensselaer man has been charged with felony assault for breaking the collarbone, forearm, jaw and ribs of his newborn son in a fit of rage, police said. Justin Terrell of Walker Street is accused of beating the 6-week-old infant last week. The baby’s mother, 20-year-old Jeanette Ruff of First Street, Albany, was charged with a misdemeanor for failing to seek treatment for the child, police said.

Utah House’s Midwife Bill Gets Mixed Reactions
ST. GEORGE — As a lay midwife, Elizabeth Camp-Smith knew it was illegal to prescribe drugs while attending a birth. But on March 28, 2000, when herbs and massage failed to stop a Hurricane woman’s postpartum hemorrhage, she injected her with Pitocin. “Do I save this woman’s life and break the law?” recalled Camp-Smith, 44, of St. George. “When a woman is hemorrhaging and she’s losing blood really fast, that’s an awful nice thing to have.”

64-Year-Old Woman Delivers Baby
from Donated Egg, Husband’s Sperm

A 64-year-old woman in India has given birth to a test tube baby, it is reported, becoming one of the world’s oldest first-time mothers. The baby boy, weighing only 1.75 kilos, was born to Papathiammal Subramaniam and her 74-year-old farmer husband. Mrs Subramaniam went through menopause around 20 years ago, so doctors used the donated egg of a 30-year-old relative with the husband’s sperm. The baby is currently in an incubator and being monitored closely.

Infant Dies Following Polio Vaccination
KOLLAM — A three-day-old infant is reported have died a little while after being administered with polio vaccine at an Anganwadi. The incident took place at Vilakudi, near Punalur, on Sunday night. The parents of the infant alleged that the infant had developed some reactions after the vaccination and died soon afterwards. A team of doctors, led by the Kollam District Medical Officer, E.J. Kunjamma, examined the body. The body has been shifted to the district hospital mortuary here and will be handed over to the parents after a post-mortem today.

Irish Mothers Continue to Cross Sea for Abortion
Dublin – At least 6 673 Irish women had abortions in Britain last year. This is according to newspaper reports yesterday on a weekend conference of Cura, an organisation set up by Catholic bishops to help women dealing with a crisis pregnancy. Abortion is illegal in Ireland, where about 80% of the 3,8-million population is Catholic.

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