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February 23, 2004


Right to Life and Planned Parenthood lobbied South Dakota state Senators over the weekend to change the language in a bill that would have criminalized abortion. Now, the bill keeps abortion legal.

( The South Dakota legislator received national praise last week when the House passed bill HB 1191, becoming the first state legislative body to criminalize the murder of children by abortion — a catalyst for overturning Roe v. Wade.

To the shock and dismay of pro-life groups and churches across the nation, Right to Life joined with Planned Parenthood to openly oppose HB 1191 after the bill’s passage. Both nationally known abortion groups vigorously lobbied senate committee members to change the crime bill into an ‘Informed Consent’ regulation.

When we asked Jim Rudd, Editor of the Covenant News, about Right to Life’s hostile opposition to criminalizing abortion, he said, “Pro-life activists have watched National Right to Life groups undermine the legal and judicial process behind the scenes for thirty years. I think what makes this stab-in-the-back in South Dakota so unusual, is the fact that the state house actually passed a crime bill which forced Right to Life out in the open. You need to remember NRLC is in the abortion business, and they’re scurrying around right now to protect their funding base and jobs,” he said.

You mean Right to Life is in the abortion business? and if abortion is a crime then they will be out of business: “Exactly. If pro-life America makes abortion illegal Right to Life will have to find a new job. They’ve been in the abortion regulation business for thirty years. It’s the way they are organized. Making abortion illegal scares them because they don’t know how to do anything else. For example, just imagine how many people NRLC has in their company retirement plan. You make abortion illegal, how are they going to fund their old-age-pension plan,” he added.

What do you think pro-lifers should do: “I think pro-lifers across the nation should put NRLC out of business by criminalizing abortion in all fifty states. ‘Make Abortion Illegal’ needs to be out battle cry. It’s time we see this bloodshed outlawed, and put these groups out of business that give pro-life Christians a bad name,” he concluded.

(Information taken from news reports from across the nation)

Posted by Editor at February 23, 2004 09:42 AM

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