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Jim Rudd                                                                               July 1, 2002


National Right to Life’s Deception

The Pro-life Movement received three devastating body blows last week, and now the fate of millions of human lives face a much greater threat of being murdered. During the National Right to Life Committee’s annual convention, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, NRLC announced that it is expanding its “agenda” to include human embryo stem-cell research, physician-assisted suicide and human cloning.

The Pro-life Movement must conclude from this tragic announcement that these three types of murder, including all forms of abortion, will be prolonged indefinitely. And, because NRLC is a non-profit front organization for the Republican Party, pro-lifers must now realize that the Republican Party not only has no real intention of making these three types of murder illegal but will promote and maintain them just as they have abortion for the last 30 years.

Acquiescing to the Bush Administration and defending its long-time “decision to compromise on legislation,” Darla St. Martin, NRLC’s executive director, in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, said in a whining tone, “It depends on whether people are looking at the ideal position as opposed to what is possible in Congress today. We are having a hard time now just getting something against cloning. We are on Capitol Hill every day. We know what the votes are. We know what can be sustained.”

For months the News Media reported that, according to numerous public opinion polls, a great majority of Americans are against any form of human cloning, and, also, President Bush “endorses a human cloning ban.” However, according to news reports on Capitol Hill, two weeks ago Bush sent his White House attorneys to lobby against and shoot down an effort in the Senate to “effectively stop commercial human cloning.” As was reported by WorldNetDaily, “Bush hung the pro-life community out to dry.”

Since NRLC says it’s “on Capitol Hill every day,” what was their response to the news that Bush scuttled the human cloning ban? The normal thing to do, if you’re an efficient national lobbying group in the nation’s Capital, would be to rush out a press release informing the public about the loss of the Senate’s cloning ban. Did NRLC send out press releases informing the public that Bush lied and that he is really not against human cloning? As a good and faithful steward of its donor financing, did NRLC alert its members at its annual convention that Bush lied and shot down the human cloning ban? No, none of these.

As reported in the press, NRLC propagated the lie and perpetrated a fraud on its members that Bush is “pro-life” by showing a “pre-recorded video of Bush” giving them a pro-life message at the convention — this happened after “Bush hung the pro-life community out to dry.” In fact, according to their web site, NRLC is still saying Bush is “urging a ban on all forms of human cloning.” They also mislead the public and lied to Christians by saying “President George W. Bush, (is a) staunch pro-life ally in the White House.”

Christians in America are going to have to wise-up to what is going on here. Just like Communist China has an “Official State Church” and an unofficial Christian Church, the Pro-life Movement in America has an Official Pro-life Organization controlled by the State — National Right to Life Committee. Just like the Official State Church is used to deceive, betray and destroy the true Christian Church in China, NRLC is used to deceive, betray and destroy the true Pro-life Movement in the Untied States of America.

If you are a regular reader of Covenant News, you have seen headlines that read, “NRLC Stands With The Devil — Again.” Within those stories, a long train of abuses becomes apparent. Time and again NRLC and its affiliates are used by the State to speak out against pro-life activists lobbying legislation, against pro-life activists at abortion clinics and speaking out against pro-life activists carrying posters or signs with the pictures of aborted babies. You might remember the recent news stories where NRLC and its supporters have started speaking out against Christians and their pro-life Web Sites.

The other thing the Official State Church in China does for its communist masters is provide a deceptive lie to the general public that Communist China has “freedom of religion.” In like manner, National Right to Life Committee provides a deceptive lie to the general public that the Republican Party and its lawmakers are “pro-life.” This lying deception allows the national media to play the two sides, Democrat and Republican, against one another in a partisan tug-of-war concerning Abortion Rights vs. Anti-Choice, propagating blind, prejudiced and unreasoning allegiance, when all along the Republican Party has no intention whatsoever of making abortion illegal.

And finally, NRLC just celebrated its 30th Annual Convention. Can anybody point out to me a lobbying group that is still in business with a 30-year track record of total failure? I mean 30 years of failure! After 30 years of lobbying against abortion throughout the land, abortion is not illegal anywhere in the United States. Why would anybody in their right mind keep an organization in business that has absolutely and totally failed for 30 years?

Well, you see, failure is in the eyes of the beholder. NRLC is a failure to pro-life Christians, and most importantly it is a failure to the millions of little babies that have been murdered by abortion in this nation for the past 30 years. But it’s not a failure to the ones who benefit most by it staying in business right where it is — the Abortion Industry, the Republican Party, and its lawmakers.

Jim Rudd
Director, Christian Street Preachers Alliance

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