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How to Focus the Abortion Debate
Put Homosexuals To The Sword
Pro-Lifers Right To Know
Fetal Pain Legislation is Bogus
Partial-Birth Ban of No Effect
Error qui non resistitur approbatur: ‘An error which is not resisted or opposed is approved.’ 1997
Christians Murdering Babies
Capricious Disregard, Where Law Ends and Tyranny Begins
Murder Demands Justice, Not Regulations
National Right to Life’s Deception
Who Are the Real Criminals?
Pro-Life Fantasy
Sacrilege In Montana
Call Them to Repentance
Preaching to Sodomites
America’s Prima Nocta
The Red Herring
We Need to Repent
Legislative Analysis 2/26/01
Legislative Analysis 2/19/01
Legislative Analysis 2/12/01
More So Called “Prolife” Legislation That’s NOT Prolife
Stop Bearing False Witness
A Perversion of Justice
Proving What Is Acceptable
Depart From All Iniquity
A Sense of Urgency
Judicial Rebellion
It’s A Felony!
Your Republican Party Identity: Get Rid Of It!
Roe v Wade vs. The Marriage Covenant
The Bible Regards Abortion As Murder

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