Marriage Amendment Does More To Promote Civil Unions Than Protect Marriage

June 06, 2006

Marriage Amendment Does More To Promote Civil Unions Than Protect Marriage

TVC Slams Marriage Amendment

White House & Religious Conservatives mislead American people on effect of MPA

Traditional Values Coalition

Washington, DC — The Traditional Values Coalition will not attend the White House ceremony today to promote the Marriage Protection Amendment because it puts in the U.S. Constitution the right to civil unions and other forms of counterfeit marriage, which are one small step from full marriage rights for homosexuals.

“This amendment is a hollow gesture when it comes to protecting marriage,” said TVC Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon. “It does not ‘fully protect marriage’ but it amends the Constitution to allow civil unions and other forms of counterfeit marriage in all 50 states.”

“I am disappointed in the White House, but I am even more disappointed in those social conservative leaders who have misled the American people into believing that the Marriage Protection Amendment will stop homosexual marriage. Promoting a civil unions amendment disguised as a marriage protection amendment is shameful.

“No reasonable person will deny marriage to homosexuals once a Constitutional right to a ‘civil union’ is established. And this amendment is not compassionate conservatism, this is unprincipled relativism.

“President Bush deserves the support of the American people, but the White House is wrong when they claim that the amendment would ‘fully protect marriage from being redefined.’

“But another disappointment in all of this is the group of prominent religious conservatives who traded civil unions for some empty marriage protections, knowing very well that this civil unions amendment will fast track homosexual marriage across America.

“These people are supposed to dig their heels in and refuse to compromise when it comes to principle. They are supposed to be the voices for those working people across America who can’t come to Washington to be heard. But that’s not what they did. They have acted like auctioneers who have tried to make the best deal for votes and, in the end, they have abandoned the principled defense of marriage and are still nowhere near the votes needed to pass this amendment.

“They talk tough rhetoric and bluster about changing Washington but, where it counts, Washington has changed them.”

Posted by Editor at June 6, 2006 06:50 AM

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