Leaders Of The Political System Serve Leaders Of The Political System

Leaders Of The Political System
Serve Leaders Of The Political System

By Bob Strodtbeck

The Covenant News ~ December 4, 2009

An important fact that we all need to face is that the Republican/Democrat political system that controls access to the government is going to do whatever it takes to hold onto its power.

This means continued wars, continued expansion of government influence, and continuation of policies that diminish the value of our currency, labor, and assets. How has the War Against International Terrorism benefited the nation? Why do officials in the government believe that, despite the huge debt it has amassed ($12.1 trillion as of this writing and over $70 trillion in unfunded liabilities), it can efficiently and economically administer the practice of medicine? How does fear mongering over specious environmental crises and crushing regulations that inhibit development of productive industries relieve growing unemployment?

The answer to these and countless other questions regarding the actions of American government is that they only serve to help Democrats and Republicans hold on power. Democrats have kept their supporters in tow for decades by promising to use the power of government by using public revenues to correct social iniquities-or redistribution of wealth programs. Republicans have opposed those notions, but not done anything to stop them. They, on the other hand, have found that their conservative bases are generally attracted to the idea of using government power to go out and kick some butts now and then. Therefore, we have a never ending war for an unachievable goal involving us in the most provincial of rivalries around the world.

It seems that the consequences of inept and corrupt leaders are going to affect most, if not all, of us. The suggestion that common Americans can organize to stop the usurpation of their freedoms and property is here considered to be absurd. The American government has been abrogating our freedoms for, according to some thinkers, for most of two centuries. Standing up to the government as it has reached a point of irresistible power would require a common and spontaneous cause that could result in a political upheaval. The greatest hope is that such would limit violence and unseat those who currently control the government-not unlike what was seen in the former Soviet Union in 1991.

That political overthrow, however, was directed against a single party which could not escape the consequences of its ineptitude.

Americans have been split into two, seemingly competing herds, though. Since 1992 these herds have been skillfully manipulated into believing that changing the party in power would restore the nation to its past glory. During the Clinton years, the Conservative/Republican (C/R) herd believed that it could preserve our freedoms from the incompetence and meddling of the Liberal/Democrats (L/D). It is interesting to note that, although the C/R herd could lead a monumental political change in Congress in the 1994 mid-term election due to the failures of the Clinton presidency, it could not engineer an election victory over Mr. Clinton.

Finally, though, the C/R herd ascended to political control over the presidency and both houses of Congress in 2000 with promises of “conservative” government and “…more modest foreign policy”. Of course 9/11 changed everything and made global statists out of most parsimonious politicians on the planet (save for a patriot named Ron Paul). Through the fumbling and bumbling and inarticulating of America’s War Against International Terrorism by President George W. Bush, the L/D branch made headway against C/R majorities and reclaimed control of the Congress in 2006. Coincidentally, the L/D’s could not electorally unseat the leader who led C/R’s to defeat.

The cycle is starting again, C/R’s are waiting in the wings to take advantage of the mishandling of the nation’s affairs by the L/D political authorities. President Barrack Obama came to power promising to draw down the wars in the Middle East, instead he is devoting more resources and manpower to both fronts, has expanded our aggression into Pakistan, and is being pulled into a confrontation with Iran. Economically he has nearly tripled the deficits of the Bush presidency which more doubled and nearly quadrupled the deficits of the Clinton administration.

With each election cycle too many adults have been trained to wait on the side lines until their favorites can be restored to power. After each election those same adults feel the dread of a newlywed who has spontaneously decided to take marital vows with a stranger during a wild night in Las Vegas.

Just like the consequences of a bad marital decision comes to those who so lightly consider their vows, we too are facing disastrous consequences to our national future largely because of our partisan traditions (let us not forget that the service of elected officials also starts with a vow to honor the U.S. Constitution). The political system dictating our government is not going to turn the ship of state around because those at the top of it don’t have to-too many of us are willing to support it in spite of its incompetence.

The affects of our incompetent and corrupt political system are already undeniably apparent. The problems we face are deep-seated and many including the collapse of the dollar, our inability to support our foreign adventures, the forfeiture of our productive-industrial economic base in favor of a service-consumer base, and the legal-regulatory stranglehold on our freedom to resurrect labor and production as the foundation to the economy.

As American continues to become crippled by these unintended consequences, the leaders of the political system and its supporters have chosen denial over facing its ineptitude. Are we going to come to our senses and stop denying that the problems are the result of the party we reject? Can we have the courage to choose intellectual and political freedom from a system that is acting more and more aggressively to enslave us? Do we still have a choice?

Bob Strodtbeck has been writing commentaries for a news weekly circulated in a community 10 miles north of Orlando, since 1993. He currently lives in Orlando. He may be reached for comment here.

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