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   NEWS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                July 15, 2005

Roy Moore for U.S. Supreme Court

University Club, July 15 /Covenant News Wire Service/ — Statement of Howard Phillips, Chairman, The Conservative Caucus: My friends, this is a crucial moment in the history of the American republic. The character and the undaunted courage of one faithful man seated on the U.S. Supreme Court could bring about a turning point in our jurisprudence and in our culture, back to Biblical morality and forward to a restoration of the Constitutional design and system of liberty set forth by American’s founding fathers.

I speak of that great patriot, that exemplary jurist, God’s man for these times, the Honorable Roy Moore.

Roy Moore sacrificed his position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court rather than submit to an unconstitutional demand by Federal judges to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building.

Judge Moore is a graduate of West Point, a decorated Vietnam vet, a comprehensively knowledgeable student of the Constitution and a dedicated family man.

He is truly a great man whose courage has helped awaken millions of Americans to the assault on our heritage, our beliefs, and our religious liberty, and he has inspired God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans in every part of our nation to join the fight to liberate our Constitutional Republic from judicial tyranny.

After West Point, Judge Roy Moore served our country as a U.S. Army Company Commander in Vietnam before earning a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alabama Law School.

A highly respected Constitutional scholar, Judge Moore served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama since 2001 until he was suspended for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from his courthouse and insisting that, as Chief Justice, he would continue to acknowledge God.

Judge Moore has been recognized as a “tireless defender of individual liberties”, “Christian Statesman of the Year”, “Defender of the Bill of Rights”, and was named “Champion of Liberty” by the U.S. Taxpayers Alliance.

Roy Moore was first thrust into the national spotlight in the 1990s when he successfully held his ground against another unconstitutional court order demanding that he remove a tablet of the Ten Commandments, which he had carved by hand and hung on the wall alongside his court bench in Etowah County, Alabama.

Judge Moore has been vilified in the media, betrayed by the Alabama Republican hierarchy (including tax-hiking GOP Governor Bob Riley and Karl Rove’s judicial candidate, Bill Pryor, the Alabama Attorney General).

Through it all, Judge Moore conducted himself with modesty, humility, and courage.

And while, sadly, he was removed from his position as the elected Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court – – – knowledgeable Americans are grateful that Roy Moore took a principled stand against the usurpation of authority by Constitutionally defiant judges. Chief Justice Moore upheld the rule of law against judges and bureaucrats who flagrantly moved to set aside the U.S. Constitution in favor of their personal prejudices.

Most public figures would have wilted under pressure, but Judge Roy Moore fears God, not man.

Roy Moore has conducted himself with courage and integrity, never surrendering, never wavering – – – and his example may prove to be a turning point in American history.

I have been encouraged by the enthusiasm of the many thousands of freedom-loving, God-fearing Americans who have rallied behind this great man and his righteous cause.

More and more God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans correctly see Roy Moore as a man of principle standing up for faith, freedom, and the rule of law, as America’s Founding Fathers understood it.

Already more than 85,000 have signed Petitions urging President Bush to appoint him to the U.S. Supreme Court.

What a great victory for God, family, and country it would be if Roy Moore were nominated and confirmed as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court!

As a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Judge Moore would strictly interpret the law according to the U.S. Constitution.

He would defend our right to acknowledge God – – – in public prayer, in the Pledge of Allegiance, and in displays which have the Biblical message of God’s Ten Commandments.

Judge Moore has kept his oath to the Constitution of Alabama and to the Constitution of the United States. He has upheld the law. He has obeyed his duty to God, to the people of Alabama and to the citizens of the United States of America. I urge President George W. Bush to nominate the man best qualified in our entire nation to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the laws of God on which that Constitution is premised.

The Conservative Caucus
Charles Orndorff
450 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, Va. 22180
Email: corndorff@conservativeusa.org
Website: http://www.conservativeusa.org/


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