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   NEWS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                November 19, 2004

Battered Pro-Lifer Syndrome

To: National Desk

KEOKUK, Iowa, Nov. 19 /Covenant News Wire Service/ — Jill Stanek of the Illinois Leader is among the chorus of voices urging pro-lifers to stay true to President Bush in spite of his obvious pro-abortion proclivities.

Ignoring the weaker but righteous candidacy of Michael Peroutka, pro-lifers threw all their support behind George W. Bush, urging others to do the same. “It is the Supreme Court stupid!” writes Wanda Franz of National Right to Life. Less than a week after the election the stupidity of Right to Life was manifest.

Arlene Spector will undoubtedly be the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee in spite of the failed campaign waged by pro-lifers to get Senator Grassley instead. The U.S. Senators one by one are giving their support to Spector. Thanks to George Bush, Spector’s position of screening out pro-life Supreme Court nominees is secure. Bush campaigned for Spector against pro-life challenger Pat Toomey. Because of Bush’s influence, Spector won over Toomey by a whisker.

Undaunted by his treachery, Right to Life, like a battered wife, continues to pledge allegiance to George Bush in spite of his history of unfaithfulness.

A week after the election, Bush again cheats on his pro-life lovers by appointing pro-abortion Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. Pro-lifers again rush to Bush’s defense: “He doesn’t really mean it. He doesn’t know Gonzales is pro-abortion! He is secretly sensitive to our cause. If you only knew him like I know him. Beneath that rough pro-abortion exterior, George Bush really is pro-life!”

Like a battered wife, forgetting her wounds, pro-lifers live in denial. Bush gave more money to Planned Parenthood than Bill Clinton; more money to Family Planning than any of his predecessors; more babies were killed under his administration than under Bill Clinton’s administration!

You wonder sometimes what it will take for pro-lifers to admit that their sweetheart is a louse! How much money does Bush have to give Planned Parenthood before they finally admit that he is a traitor? Like the Jews of Nazi Germany, pro-lifers have to be herded into boxcars before reality sets in. It will be too late for them to change furors then! Because of pro-life timidity, it is already too late for the babies.

Missionaires to the Pre-born Iowa
Dan Holman
P.O. Box 135
Keokuk, Iowa 52632
319 601-9349
Email: truthvan@yahoo.com


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