It’s A Felony! – It’s A Felony!

James L. Rudd
Editor, The Covenant News

It’s a Felony!

Recently a Congressional subcommittee heard testimony from a Planned Parenthood employee concerning illegal profiting from the sale of aborted baby parts. Just days after the hearing, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Missouri legislators are considering a bill that “would help prevent the already illegal practice of selling fetal tissue for profit, by making the illegal sale of tissue more difficult.”

At the same time our sources here in Washington, D.C. say that Representative Tom Coburn (R-OK) “will introduce a bill to require stiffer regulations and monitoring of the transfer of fetal tissue.”

Now, what is going on here? Surely, these lawmakers can not expect the Prolife Community to support legislation that will help regulate the abortion industry better! There is nothing prolife about that. In fact, in my book, these regulations are criminal!

In every news report concerning the marketing and sale of aborted baby parts the words “illegal sale and profit” are spoken. It’s a felony, it’s against the law to sale baby parts for profit, and a large part of the abortion industry has its hand in the cookie jar. Where is the public outcry demanding the FBI launch a nationwide investigation into the illegal sale and profit of aborted baby parts?

Law abiding citizens that have information concerning the marketing and sale of aborted baby parts need to organize that information and take it to your local FBI state office. The FBI needs your help, and loves leads.

Selling fetal body parts for profit in this country is a felony. The criminals are at large. Time is being wasted. While lawmakers attempt to regulate the abortion industry with more controls, I can hear the paper shredders at every Planned Parenthood clinic across the nation destroying every piece of evidence they believe can be used against them in a court of law!

Jim Rudd
March 17, 2000

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