I Have The Power to Lead The Nation to Ruin

I Have The Power to Lead The Nation to Ruin

By Bob Strodtbeck

The Covenant News ~ July 14, 2008

Every four years I suddenly come into possession of some incredible powers, according to acquaintances that fall into my social circles.

I can single-handedly determine whether or not the United States of America will proudly move forward into the, “broad sunlit uplands,” of its Providential destiny, or collapse into a terror-ridden, third world cinder on the ash heap of history.

This power has come to me because I have voiced my disgust with choosing, “the lessor of two evils.”

You see, I have not voted for either a Republican or Democrat on any level of government since 1992. When the future of the world’s last surviving super power is left to the whims of my vote, many in my social circles have let me know that my various votes for Pat Buchanan, Michael Peroutka, and this year’s alternative party choice between Libertarian Bob Barr or Constitutional Party Nominee Chuck Baldwin is akin to allowing the anti-Christ to rise to power and destroy the American dream.

To some extent this has much to do with the social circles in which I find myself. I am white, middle-class (although less so than eight years ago), socially conservative, and Christian. That is the Republican profile. It does not matter that Republicans, although promising for years to restore constitutional limits to government, balance budgets, and eschew nation-building in favor of a, “…more humble foreign policy,” betrayed all of those goals to put America in a precarious social, economic and foreign policy position, the state of the nation will only become worse by my vote for a party not Republican.

The duty on my social group is not entirely unlike that put upon black, emerging middle-class, socially-conscientious, civil rights focused voters who must vote Democrat. Although I am not party to those social circles as a routine, I do know that Democrats have controlled the legislative flow from Washington during 42 of the last 54 years and their disdain for government rivals mine.

This brings me to a fascinating observation: It seems clear that neither the Republicans or Democrats are really serving the interests or needs of the major voting blocks upon which they depend for their access to elected offices. If this is so, isn’t the willful support of these two voting blocks actually enabling officials of those parties to persist in their lies and abuse of their constitutional duties? Furthermore, if those who criticize me for potentially ruining the country are actually bringing ruin by supporting a corrupt, dysfunctional political system, is not withholding my vote from that system an act of civic responsibility that can actually begin a political restoration of the nation?

While the two party political system is very well ensconced throughout government due to its long history of dominating elected offices, it maintains its hold on government by largely unquestioned support of major voting blocks. If individuals that make up these voting blocks see that their interests are only being used to garner their election support so the officials who win elections can pay fealty to the diktats of the Washington power system (so they can win re-election and earn access to the congressional pension and have a future career as a lobbyist), they might begin questioning that support and decide the system does not deserve it.

What would happen if reliable members of the Christian Right and the Civil Rights Left actually looked at the fact that the Republicans and Democrats pursue the same agenda and decided to abandon those parties or create new ones to compete with the established order? I don’t see that having a new political organization that questions the wisdom of allowing the Federal Reserve Bank to create money to be a bad thing. Nor is it considered here to have some thoughtful dissent with America’s foreign entanglements, international military presence in 130 countries, or the amount of tax dollars that are spent on war matériel when the dollar is so horribly devalued.

Take it from one who has proudly abandoned the two party system for more than a decade; the withdrawal of my votes from Republicans or Democrats have not kept those two parties from pursuing what they tell you is best for this country and at no time during my self-imposed exile have members of those parties pursued any policy with which I am impressed. I don’t expect that my decision to vote for parties other than Democrat or Republican will diminish the control those parties have over public policy for quite some time. Therefore, for those who believe that the vote I keep from the, “lessor of two evils” will chase America down the road to ruin can be assured that the future of our country is cradled safely in the wise hands of Democrats and Republicans.

For now.

Bob Strodtbeck has been writing commentaries for a news weekly circulated in a community 10 miles north of Orlando, since 1993. He currently lives in Orlando. He may be reached for comment here.

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