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Freedom of Speech                                                    December 14, 2002
  December 14, 2002

Immigration Steals American Dreams
By Glenn R. Jackson / Ether Zone
Good jobs, not minimum wage burger flippers, but good paying, hard working, esteem building jobs are being given away as “jobs American’s do not want to do.” A massive influx of low skill or no skill workers is being flooded across U.S. borders because $5 an hour looks like a Prince’s wage when compared to a high-end $5 per week that was being earned in the immigrants third world country. The open borders lobby and its mass immigration invasion is creating a permanent underclass in the United States. The U.S. southern border has now become a revolving door for the influx of cheap unskilled labor and the outflow of U.S. dollars. Americans are having our pockets picked.

U.S. Customs requirements…

Even though you are possibly clear on entering the United States as a U.S. Citizen, you still have to report in to the nearest border entry station no matter what. Otherwise you can be legally charged with making an unauthorized entry into the U.S. You then have to present yourself to a Customs or INS official (who are both cross trained in either agency) and declare your citizenship and anything you are bringing from a foreign country.

If not, you may be charged with more administrative penalties under title 19 USC for “port running” and may be liable for civil penalties of $5,000 on the first offense to $10,000 on the second offense (Usually mitigated down to 10% on the first or second offense) Any transportation will then be seized and confiscated by U.S. Customs in lieu of payment or and actual penalty is severe enough. After all that, you can still be arrested and charged with criminal code violations by the Customs/INS official through the U.S. Attorney, “if” they chose to prosecute you. (Title 18 & 19 USC)

The Mexican Government’s Official
Plan For A Takeover Of America

By W.J. Perry /
There are approximately 18 million Mexican immigrants living in the United States today. Out of that 18 million, it is estimated that 3 million, or nearly 20 percent, are illegal aliens. Those 18 million Mexicans present a growing threat to America’s self-determination because many play a dual citizenship role officially encouraged by the Mexican government. This is no secret; it’s all in Mexico’s official “National Plan of Development 2001-2006.”

Getting a Heterosexual’s Mind Right

By Gary DeMar / American Vision
Getting a person’s mind right has been the modus operandi of totalitarian regimes for millennia. The gulag was the perfect place to get a person’s mind right. George Orwell’s 1984 is a relentless tale of Winston getting his mind right so that he ends up loving Big Brother. Getting a person’s mind right is the latest tactic of the oppressive homosexual bosses. Consider Rolf Szabo, an employee for twenty-three years at Eastman Kodak. He was fired for giving his opinion in an email about Gay and Lesbian Coming-Out Day sponsored by the company.

What the damned think?
Evangelicals Rank Low in Survey of Non-Christians
By Michael L. Betsch /
A California-based Christian marketing research company says non-Christians in the United States view evangelical Christians “somewhat more kindly than prostitutes, but with less affection than lesbians and lawyers.” “This is most likely a result of the thrashing evangelicals receive in the media,” said George Barna, president of Barna Research Group. “It seems millions of non-Christians have negative impressions of evangelicals, even though they cannot define what an evangelical is, accurately identify the perspectives of the group or identify even a handful of people they know personally who are evangelicals.” (Editor’s note: On Judgment Day, as the unbelievers are cast into hell, they will wish that evangelical Christians were a lot more aggressive with their so called “negative” in-your-face Gospel message of repentance of sin through Jesus Christ — but it will be to late then.)

“Let no man deceive you with vain words or vain hopes or false notions of a slight and sudden repentance. As if heaven were a hospital founded on purpose to receive all sick and maimed persons that, when they can live no longer to the lusts of the flesh and the sinful pleasures of this world, can but put up a cold and formal petition to be admitted there. No, no, as sure as God is true, they shall never see the Kingdom of God who, instead of seeking it in the first place, make it their last refuge and retreat.”  – John Tillotson (1630-1694), Sermons

Libertizers And Enslavers
By Al Cronkrite / Ether Zone
Our society has become divided between Libertizers and Enslavers (my words) . J. R. Nyquist partially describes the division, “America has been split into two hostile ideological camps. One is the anti-communist or anti-statist camp (Libertizers), which looks to traditional moral values, the Constitution, a strong family unit and the free market. The other camp is socialist or “progressive” (Enslavers) in its outlook, globalist and environmentalist in its policies — made up of people who align themselves with homosexual rights and radical feminism, who continue to oppose the Strategic Defense Initiative and stronger armed forces.”

Where is “Christmas holiday” in the Bible, Christians ask…
Christmas In America Becomes Battleground
Believers, pagans grapple over Jesus’ inclusion

By Joe Kovacs /
Every December, a call goes out from the nation’s pulpits to “put Christ back into Christmas,” but growing numbers of Americans – including fundamentalist Christians – are claiming Jesus Christ had nothing to do with the holiday and news items from across the country this week indicate that the U.S. has become the new battleground for Christmas. All this comes on the heels of a national survey indicating just over a tenth of Americans today believe Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the focus of Christmas, with almost nine out of ten people saying the holiday has become less religious. Are atheists correct that the very day set aside by hundreds of millions across the world to honor the birth of their Savior is merely a relic of sun worship?

Bush shows absolute contempt for the Constitution…
Bush Order Makes Federal Grants
Accessible To Religious Charities

By Dana Milbank / Salt Lake Tribune
PHILADELPHIA — President Bush, seeking to revive his “faith-based initiative” after its legislative version failed in Congress, on Thursday announced a series of regulatory changes to allow religious social-service organizations to receive more government grants and contracts. In a series of executive orders, Bush directed federal agencies to treat religious and secular charities equally when awarding money, removing regulations that had prohibited church organizations from competing for various federal grants and contracts. The order will continue to ban overt proselytizing in government-funded programs but allows grant recipients to maintain a religious tone and iconography. (And despise the Word of God they will Matthew 6:24)

Where does say in the Constitution that the President shall usrup the enumerated power of the Congress and give U.S. taxpayer dollars to faith-based religious organizations?

Ten Commandments Supporters Rallying Around Roy Moore
By Allie Martin / AgapePress
Christian leaders from around the nation will head to Alabama this week in a show of support for that state’s chief justice and his efforts to protect the Ten Commandments. Last month, a federal court ruled that a granite monument displaying the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Judicial Building had to be removed within 30 days. But Chief Justice Roy Moore, who had the monument placed in the building, announced earlier this week his plans to appeal the judge’s ruling.

Step One in Fighting the State
By George F. Smith / Strike The Root
One of the biggest problems confronting conscientious Americans now are the hours spent earning a living. It leaves little time for watching over our political future. But if we value our lives, we have no choice but to make an effort to understand our past, see where we’re headed, and do something to abort our self-destruction.

No Panic Room
Not against intrusion by the state

By Stephen W. Carson /
What really led me to write about Panic Room was a more melancholy thought. The design of these panic rooms usually includes a separate phone line so that, once inside, the police can be alerted. The Observer article notes that these rooms “are designed to withstand an attack from a determined intruder for up to 30 minutes.” So the point is not to withstand a sustained siege, but to hold out long enough for the troops to come riding over the hill. But what if the attacker is the police?

Stealing by NJ Police Declared Unconstitutional
Institute for Justice
Washington, D.C.-New Jersey’s method of financing police and prosecutors through civil forfeiture is unconstitutional, Superior Court Judge G. Thomas Bowen of Salem County ruled in a December 11 opinion. Under New Jersey’s civil forfeiture law (N.J.S.A 2C:64-6a) prosecutors and police had been entitled to keep the money and property confiscated from individuals through the state’s civil forfeiture law, thus giving them a direct financial stake in the outcome of forfeiture efforts. The court ruled that this provision violates the Due Process clauses of the U.S. and New Jersey constitutions.

When lawmakers become Enemy Combatants…
Drive For Gun ‘Fingerprints’
Could Spur Long-Gun Registration

By Don Thompson / The Associated Press
This autumn’s East Coast sniper shootings could prompt California to become the first state to collect ballistic “fingerprints” on all firearms made or sold in the state. That may spur a companion drive to register all rifles and shotguns, in addition to the handguns the state already tracks, said state Sen. Jack Scott, D-Altadena, who introduced the ballistic fingerprint legislation Tuesday.

Anarcho-Medicine: Seeking Alternatives
to State-Endorsed Medical Care

By Karen De Coster / Karen De Coster
Dr. Michael Janson, MD is a general health, nutrition, and alternative medicine specialist in Arlington, Massachusetts. He is one of the best-known holistic physicians in the country. A pathologist by training, Dr. Janson founded and directed the first complementary alternative medical center in New England, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1976. In addition, he founded the Center for Preventive Medicine in Barnstable, on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and directed it until 1999. Dr. Janson has a unique background with training in both conventional Western medicine and alternative therapies.

Gods in Embryo, Part II: The Beliefs of Mormonism
By Marty Fields / American Vision
“That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. How can anyone believe that?” This was the response one of my students made when I was teaching about Mormon beliefs. This is not an uncommon response for people to have the first time they are exposed to LDS doctrine; I have heard it many times. As we will see, much of what the LDS church believes is strange to evangelical ears, but we should be wary of being incredulous that someone would actually believe these things.

Mesa Girls Who Petitioned For More Modest Clothes Are Heard Around The World
The Arizona Republic
Those Mesa teen girls who gathered 1,500 signatures on a petition in October urging retailers to start offering more modest clothing are being heard around the world. Today, they are to be photographed for a German magazine, Xmag. They have been on seven talk-radio shows, including one in Ireland and a syndicated show with Michael Reagan, the former president’s son.

Piracy is Progressive Taxation, and Other
Thoughts on the Evolution of Online Distribution

By Tim O’Reilly /
The continuing controversy over online file sharing sparks me to offer a few thoughts as an author and publisher. To be sure, I write and publish neither movies nor music, but books. But I think that some of the lessons of my experience still apply.

More Signs That Solar System Has Tenth Planet
By Charles Arthur / London Independent
The solar system may have a tenth planet lurking beyond the orbit of Pluto, calculations by astronomers in Britain and Argentina indicate. “Planet X” could lie 60 times further from the Sun than the Earth, roughly 600 million miles out. But nobody would have spotted it directly because, if it exists, it orbits in a direction that astronomers rarely study.

Agencies See Homeland Security
Role For Surveillance Drones

By Richard H.P. Sia / CongressDaily
An increasing number of federal agencies are pursuing plans to use pilotless surveillance aircraft to help patrol the Mexican and Canadian borders, protect the nation’s major oil and gas pipelines and aid in other homeland security missions.

La. School Board Rejects Disclaimer In Biology Books

By Will Sentell / Baton Rouge Advocate
The state’s top school board rejected a move Thursday to add a disclaimer to high school biology textbooks that said evolution is only a theory. The vote was 7-3. A committee of the board endorsed the disclaimer Tuesday, modeled after one adopted in Alabama.

Salvation for report on Bible
By Berny Morson / Rocky Mountain News
LAFAYETTE — Pen and paper weren’t enough for 11-year-old Elizabeth Johnson to do her book report. She needed a lawyer. Sixth-grade teachers at Peak to Peak Charter School initially rejected Elizabeth’s choice of the biblical Book of Exodus for her report.

KJV Controversy!
The Patriotist
Patriotist Staff Columnist and honorary Bible scholar Richard Power recently wrote a wonderful series of articles, detailing the corruption of many common English Bible translations, particularly the Revised Standard Version [RSV,] New International Version [NIV,] New American Standard [NAS,] and even the New King James translation [NKJV.]

Another King James Bible Believer
By Will Kinney

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