Construction Company ‘Digs in Their Heels’ to Build New Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility in minority neighborhood

Construction Company “Digs in Their Heels” to Build
New Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility
in minority neighborhood

By Leslie Hanks

The Covenant News ~ October 26, 2007

This week pro-life activists met with the heads of the Weitz Company, discussing the new Planned Parenthood abortion facility that Weitz is contracted to build in the Stapleton area in North Denver, Colorado.

Displaying a surprising allegiance to the abortion industry, Bill Hornaday, President of the Weitz Company Rocky Mountain, has refused to reconsider building the largest death camp in the United States. In the private meeting, Hornaday indicated that money is not the prime motivator for building the new Planned Parenthood.

“The ideals of the Weitz Company are worse than we thought,” said Keith Mason, of the Keep Peace in Stapleton Project. “If they are not building this superstructure for money, are they building it out of a desire to facilitate the murder of innocent children?”

Gary Meggison, Senior Vice President of the Weitz Company, is a member of the Catholic church. Neighbors of Vice President Don Gendall claim that he is a “strong Christian”. “The bottom line is that followers of Christ would not be a part of this heinous business,” continued Mason. “A true Christian would do what is necessary to save the lives of innocent children.”

The brief meeting, attended also by Senior Vice President Gary Meggison, revealed an obvious disdain for women and children. Meggison not only refused documents of Planned Parenthood’s reported child rape cover-ups (under investigation by Kansas’ and Indiana’s attorneys general), but also the facts of their multi-million dollar baby killing business.

“These heartless men are contributing to the exploitation of women and the deaths of millions of children,” stated Jennifer Viaes of Keep Peace in Stapleton. “It is clear that Weitz Company is determined to be a part of the abortion industry, no matter the cost.”

After Meggison left the meeting, Hornaday acknowledged that the protests of his employee’s homes are par for the course.

“We are continuing to keep these executives in our prayers, in hope that they will not build this modern-day Auschwitz in a minority Denver neighborhood. We must pray that they do the right thing,” Keith Mason, Keep Peace in Stapleton.

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