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U.S. Presidential Election 2000

A Chronology

A day-by-day view of the unfolding events surrounding the 2000 Presidential Election.

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November 8, 2000
No Clear Winner In Electoral Vote… Gore Retracts Concession Call… Gore is First Presidential Candidate Since 1972 to Lose Home State.

November 9, 2000
Gore Lawyers Plan Suit to Overturn Bush Victory… Fla. Recount Is Likely Just Start of Fight… Lawsuit Seeks New Election Over `Misleading’ Ballot

November 10, 2000
Bush Maintains Slim Lead… Gore Won’t Concede Even After Florida Recount… Motion for New Election in Palm Beach Dismissed

November 11, 2000
Florida Says Controversial Palm Beach Ballot Was Legal… Bush Camp Presses Gore To Concede… Pensacola Ballot Prompts Fraud Invesigation

November 12, 2000
Officials Begin Florida Hand Count… Bush Goes to Court To Halt Recount… Recount Judge Handles Tough Cases

November 13, 2000
Judge Refuses To Stop Handcount… Gore Launches First Direct Court Action in Florida… Countywide Manual Recount in Palm Beach

November 14, 2000
Bush Camp to Appeal Florida Hand Count Ruling… Dems Drive to Keep Counting Votes… Slow-Motion Larceny in Florida

November 15, 2000
More Legal Confusion in Recount… Bush/Gore Join Lawsuit on Recounts… Appeals Court to Hear Bush Case

November 16, 2000
Florida Certifies Bush Lead… Florida Secretary of State Denies Hand Recounts… Florida Officials Take Election Law to Court… Judicial Watch 2000 Florida Ballot Inspection

November 17, 2000
Trial Judge Says Florida Can Reject Late Votes… Florida High Court Stops Certification… Gore Campaign To Appeal Decision

November 18, 2000
Courts Whipsaw Gore, Bush… Hundreds of Overseas Ballots Rejected… US Appeals Court Denies Bush Request

November 20, 2000
Republican, Democrat Electors Divided Over Electoral College… Democrat Memo on How to Disqualify Military Votes Published… GOP Protests Miami-Dade Recount

Discerning ‘True Voter Intent?’

November 21, 2000
Florida High Court: Accept Late Ballots… Bush Camp Takes Issue Over Ballots… Gore Counting on Florida Dimples

November 22, 2000
Miami-Dade County Ends Recount… Florida Judge Rules on Dimpled Ballots… Cheney Has Artery Stent Put In

November 23, 2000
Court Allows Miami-Dade Count to End… Feeney: Support Building for Legislative Intervention… Gore Challenges Miami-Dade Move

November 24, 2000
Florida Lawmakers Anger At Court May Not Vanish… Court Won’t Order Dade Recount… Recount Heads to Supreme Court

November 25, 2000
Broward County Finishes Recount… Bush Sues Over Absentee Ballots… Bush Challenge Would Be Moot If He Wins Florida

November 26, 2000
Bush Is Certified Winner in Florida… Palm Beach Stops Count for Deadline… Fla. Count Draws Gore, Bush Closer

November 27, 2000
Gore Contests Fla. Certification… Gore Says He’ll Win If Uncounted Votes Are Tallied… Bush Plans for New Administration

November 28, 2000
Gore’s Fights Spreads To 5 Courts… Bush, Gore Plea to Supreme Court… Gore Allegations Said ‘Simply Wrong’

November 29, 2000
Leon County Judge Grants Gore Motions… Florida Legislative Panel Reviews Options On Electors… Gore Lawyer Calls Bush Case Flimsy

November 30, 2000
Florida Legislature Calls Special Session… Gore Says Fla. Can’t Name Electors… Bush: Legislature Can Pick Electors

December 1, 2000
Supreme Court Ends Hearing on Bush-Gore Election… Gore Dealt Double Defeat in Florida… Fla. Court Refuses Manual Recount

December 2, 2000
Fla. Lawmakers Call Special Session… Gore Suit Goes Slowly As Bush Speeds Up Transition… Florida Absentee Ballots Challenged

December 4, 2000
Florida Judge Rejects Gore Election Challenge… U.S. Supreme Court Orders New State Ruling On Bush-Gore Battle

December 5, 2000
Fla. High Court to Hear Arguments on Gore Appeal… Florida Legislators May Not Meet… 11th Circuit Hears Bush Appeals

December 6, 2000
Florida Lawmakers Set Special Session Friday… U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Bid to Halt Hand Recount… Gore Endorses Lawsuits To Reject Absentee Votes… Judge Hears Bush’s Overseas Ballot Appeal

December 7, 2000
Florida Lawmakers Call Special Session… Fla. Legislature to Pick Electors… Fla. High Court To Hear Gore Appeal… Gore Weighs-In On Seminole Votes

December 8, 2000
Fla. Supreme Court Orders Partial Recount… Bush Wins Absentee Ballot Rulings… Fla. Lawmakers Open Session

December 9, 2000
U.S. Supreme Court Stops Illegal Florida Recount… Experts See High Court’s Ruling Language As Crafty… Student Files Misconduct Complaint

December 11, 2000
Florida Legislation Committees Vote To Name Electors… Supreme Court Arguments Conclude… Court Upholds Military Ballots

December 12, 2000
Supreme Court Rules on Florida Case… Head of Democrat Party Urges Gore to Concede… Gore Team Mulling Next Step

December 13, 2000
Gore Drops Out of Race Five Days Before Electoral College Vote… Gore Accepts Bush As 43rd President… President-Elect Bush: ‘I Will Give It My All’

December 18, 2000
The Electoral College 2000 Presidential Election… Electoral Vote Totals… Popular Vote Totals… Electoral College Members… Certificates of Ascertainment… Certificates of Vote… State Laws and Requirements

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