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   NEWS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                         November 04, 2004

Besmirched With Blood

“But you denied the Holy One and the Just,
and asked for a murderer to be granted to you”

To: National Desk

KEOKUK, Iowa, Nov. 04 /Covenant News Wire Service/ — In spite of overwhelming evidence of betrayal over the past 4 years, many pro-life professors and organizations have championed George W. Bush over Constitutional Party Candidate Michael Peroutka.

The election has revealed new depths of duplicity to which Republicans may embark. Like dogs beaten by cruel masters, we return for more ill treatment. In the eyes of most pro-lifers, Bush can do no wrong. For that reason alone he is more dangerous than John Kerry.

There is little reason to hope that Bush’s Supreme Court nominees will be better than Kerry’s’. Look at the Bush administration’s shameful abandonment of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy S. Moore. Even with a majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate, a man of Judge Moore’s qualities would be “Borked” (referring to the 1987 smear campaign of Reagan Supreme Ct. nominee Judge Robert H. Bork). Lot could not find 10 righteous men in all of Canaan to stand in the gap for Sodom and Gomorrah; how many barristers in America are of Judge Moore’s quality? How many Republican Senators and Congressmen would stand with them if they could indeed be found?

From its early founding, Right to Life adopted a strategy of Incrementalism to gradually end abortion. 33 years of baby-murder have put them in the awkward position of regulating the abortion industry. Informed Consent, Parental Consent, 24 Hour Waiting Periods, and Partial Birth Abortion bans are part of this failed strategy. It is pro-choice legislation; those who tout it are “pro-choice”. The abolition of abortion is not on the pro-choice agenda. Pro-choicers are hostile to those who work to abolish abortion. Thus we elect favorite son George Bush.

The results of the November 2nd elections will make little difference a hundred years from now. The election made no difference to the babies killed on November 3rd. Their deaths have a marked effect on the world. It is not only they, but their posterity who have been murdered. Kerry gave only one concession speech November 3rd; I gave 16 concession speeches, one to each of abortion bound mothers entering Iowa City Planned Parenthood. I asked each of them to vote for the life of their baby. Their baby deserves their vote. By 11:00 a.m. I conceded the loss of each of them.

I did get one bit of satisfaction that morning, because of our presence at the clinic, a disgruntled Kerry supporter flaunted a check he was giving to Planned Parenthood. I said “Kerry is a loser, and so are you!” You should have seen the frustration on his face.

I voted for Michael Peroutka because he stands for what I stand for. He wants to abolish abortion. Most pro-lifers voted against John Kerry, or what they perceive to be the “greater of two evils”. They did not think Michael Peroutka could beat John Kerry, and valued Kerry’s defeat over the interests of the babies. Motivated by hatred they opted for Bush, encouraging others to do the same, knowing full well that Bush is a traitor. Principled only in their pragmatism; pro-lifers are besmirched with the blood of the babies. The presidential elections are reduced to a beauty contest between two ugly whores; keeping America’s destruction on course.

Missionaires to the Pre-born Iowa
Dan Holman
P.O. Box 135
Keokuk, Iowa 52632
319 601-9349


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