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The Baby Parts Industry

A Special Report from The Covenant News

Grim Harvest

UNMC Abortionist Leroy Carhart Speaks:
The Carhart Testimony

Missionaries To The Unborn
In early December it was discovered that the University of Nebraska Medical Center was conducting experiments using brain tissue from pre-born children killed by the notorious partial birth abortionist Leroy Carhart. What follows is court testimony from July ’97 where abortionist Carhart explains how he commits abortions. Warning: Graphic descriptions.

Baby Parts Trafficking
Baby body-parts trafficking is the business of buying and selling the body parts, organs, tissue, skin, and blood from aborted babies whose gestational ages range from a few weeks to full term (up to nine months). The transfer of baby body-parts takes place in a variety of ways, and is accomplished in order to benefit researchers at universities, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies.

Baby Parts For Sale!
Abortion TV
For the first time, hear an informant reveal how babies (sometimes live) are harvested from abortion clinics for resale:
•  An informant (in disguise), describes how she (and others at the company she worked for) gathered fetal tissue at abortion clinics for later resale to pharmaceutical companies.
• Describes how she’s been presented with many live fetuses including a set of twins, gasping for air.
• Describes how some woman undergoing “two-day” abortions would go into labor and deliver a live baby – and the abortionist would leave the babies without medical care to die slowly.

The Harvest of Abortion
WORLD Magazine
Fetal-tissue research: Making the best of a bad situation, or sliding further down the slippery slope? Congress and the Clinton administration’s lifting of the fetal-tissue research ban has turned human-remains trafficking into big business.

Baby Body Parts For Sale:
“You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”

By Michael Savage /
Not only are babies, even at or near birth, being killed every day in America, this bastion of human rights, but their organs are also being harvested and sold on the black market. They are being dissected, sometimes while still alive, and sold piece by piece. Ears for $75 a pair; arms and legs, $150; a brain for $999, tax not included. That’s right; it’s called the “unholy harvest.” The rotten, mean-faced, clipped-haired abortionists, our present-day fascist jackboots, are selling baby parts and making millions of dollars in their factories of death.

Baby Parts Marketing Kit
Life Dynamics
Complete kit includes documentation booklet, video tape of interview with “Kelly” the spy who revealed the marketing inside information, 12 minute audio tape of phone conversations between Life Dynamics and the wholesalers, reprint of the Alberta Report Newsmagazine cover story on fetal body parts and press releases for you to make sure your local media outlets know what’s going on with baby parts marketing!

Vaccines Made From Aborted Babies
Catholic Exchange
When the article, “Vaccine From Aborted Fetus Cell Lines Judged Morally Acceptable” hit several Catholic publications several months ago, the reaction of readers was one of shock, anger and utter disbelief that this country has been quietly producing vaccines for the past 20 to 30 years from aborted fetuses. More shock: that we have unknowingly vaccinated our children using this “tainted source,” a more polite way of saying we have used pharmaceutical products from murdered babies. And utterly outrageous is this: There is currently no other source available for three widely used vaccines, namely, hepatitis-A, chicken pox and rubella/MMR.

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