Abortion Exceptions?

Abortion Exceptions?

By Jo Scott

The Covenant News ~ February 09, 2007

The pro-life movement may be on the brink of throwing away one of its strongest arguments against abortion. There is an opinion within the movement that if we give up on the rape and incest babies we’ll be able to save the others and then we’ll go back later for the rape babies.

The rape and incest scenarios can be used effectively to undermine the pro-abortion argument. The abortion industry uses rape and incest as a moral high ground by making abortion for rape and incest victims seem compassionate.

Abortion for rape emboldens the rapists, puts women at a higher risk for rape, multiplies her suffering and increases the rapist population.

Often an underage young woman that has been raped is taken to the abortion mill by the rapist. Many times he is a member of her own family. Her rapist convinced her, long before they ever darken the door of the abortuary that it would be in her best interest never to speak of her abuse. At the mill no questions are asked, she’s aborted and she’s sent home with the rapist, only to be assaulted again. No authorities are contacted, the outward evidence of her abuse is destroyed, and no one is the wiser, leaving her with no way out. Upon leaving the mill she’s been violated and traumatized once again, only this time it’s been done “legally” by the abortionist.

The abortion mill is the pedophile’s insurance policy. He knows that if he impregnates his young victim that abortion will destroy the evidence of his crime. Therefore he is free to abuse the young woman with impunity and the abortionist is his accomplice. Abortion for rape and incest only encourages the rapist to repeat his crime.

If prolifers sponsor bills that include the rape and incest exceptions we must understand that we are directly attacking the personhood of the child, and the sacredness of all life. We are also leaving young women without protection while we legislate their innocent children to death. All of which will embolden the rapist and increase the number of rapists among us.

Some believe that insisting on abortion ban legislation without the rape or incest exceptions is an irresponsible, all or nothing mindset. They say that if the holocaust rescuers used the all or nothing strategy no one would have been rescued from Hitler’s death camps. They are correct, but the holocaust rescuers did not legislate one group of innocent people to death so that others would survive. There in lies the difficulty. It is immoral to legislate the murder of one innocent class of people in order to save another. It is reminiscent of the movie /Lifeboat/ where several people are stranded at sea in a lifeboat and will only survive if one in the group is thrown into the sea to drown. The movie attempts to desensitize its audience to the value of the weakest among us. In the sixties Christians understood the /Lifeboat/ scenario to be evil. Can we, in the new millennium, understand that the “exceptions” scenario is also evil?

Jo Scott
Director, Pro Life Colorado

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